My storagenode died

Hey everybody,
yesterday my 6 months old node died I used Windows Storage Pool for my hardsdisks to pool them. So far so good. I did some maintance and moved via networkshare my data to my main pc by adding the harddisk to the pool. That I can swap one harddisk from my 2 bay disk dock. Unfurtunally after I had switchted the harddisks had my usb connection a loose contact and losed connection. And the storage pool shutted down to prevent data loss. After I came home I put everything in order and brought the pool back online. After that a check disk was required and I started that but was aborted because I didn’t had enouth memory. Then I moved the storage pool to my main pc to do the checkdisk there (at here or later I srewed up) after checkdisk I setted everything on my node pc up and got fatal error 2 harddisks and my ssd cache are not accessable and the pool are in readonly. But 2/3 of all data are on the not accessable harddisks.
Now I need to start over but I could optimize my setup and my node had from the beginning more space

if you are using multiple disks its critical to have some level of redundancy, its very common to have connection issues.

Yes but the new node is filling faster than my last node and I could improve my setup without much effort. It has pro and cons and I learned something, that something like that don’t happend again