My storj dashboard shows that "This site can't be reached, localhost refused to connect"

Dear Storj,
The above message shows up while starting the dashboard for storj. Recently, my brother reset the router. Please advise

Have you added -p to the docker command ?

no, i am not using docker
i am using windows GUI install

what is ARP?
Should I enable or disable the ARP option in router settings?

Please, check that the IP of your PC is still the same.
Also, try to open a dashboard on the PC: http://localhost:14002

i had it already checked,
I set up the IP Address on Address reservation under DHCP option and IP and MAC Binding.
I also set up virtual servers on 28967 using the same IP address that I reserved and bound my PC on.
I set up DDNS too.
So, what am i missing?

Is the node running?

Get-Service storagenode

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-Service storagenode

Status Name DisplayName

Stopped storagenode Storj V3 Storage Node

PS C:\Windows\system32>

Please, start it from the elevated Powershell

Start-Service storagenode

Then look into logs:

should i copy paste the logs here?

the storagenode started successfully, but the node is still offline
Do I always have use this above command manually to start my node?
Wasn’t there a application to automatically start this?

Please, post 20 lines of log here. You can remove a private information or send the log in the direct message.
Please, check your firewall rule and that the WAN IP on your router is the same as on

I got your logs. There is no errors about storage, so the storagenode should be fine.
Regarding offline. Double check your port forwarding rules on both routers - connected to ISP and connected to the first.
The port forwarding rule should forward port from the ISP to the second router’s IP, on the second the rule should forward the same port to the IP of your PC. I would be make sure that the static IP of the second router is fixed in the DHCP table of the first router as well.

Are you using Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge to check the web dashboard ?

I am using chrome to check the web dashboard

I did all those things earlier. The settings and the problem remains the same.

The dashboard says that my node dashboard is outdated. How do update the node?

Seems the autoupdate service is stopped too
Please, start it from the elevated PowerShell:

Start-Service storagenode-updater

Please, try to restart both routers.

And how would i know if my storagenode updater has done its work?

Your dashboard should show latest version v0.29.3