Name Our New Storj DCS Webinars

Hi Community!

We will be launching a new webinar series that takes users ‘inside/under the hood of Storj DCS’. These monthly webinars, hosted by our CTO, JT Olio & COO, John Gleeson, will be casual, yet informative and technical in nature - showing developers how to use specific tools and features to get the most out of their decentralized storage experience.

We were hoping you could help us out by voting on a name for this recurring webinar series. We don’t want anything too ‘formal’, rather descriptive, fun and appealing to developers. Can you help by selecting what name below you think works best for this purpose?

  • The Storj Files
  • Cloud Formations
  • What’s inside Storj DCS?
  • Storj DCS: What’s Under the Hood?
  • Storj DCS: Cloud Storage For Devs by Devs
  • Storj DCS: Decentralized Cloud Storage For Devs
  • Storj Talk
  • Let’s Talk Storj

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I wold suggest something like Inside view to Storj DSC


I find this one kind of amusing: “Storj DCS: Cloud Storage For Devs by Devs”. Well who else could be developing a cloud storage if not Devs? :smiley: Maybe one day squirrels can but wouldn’t they be devs then too? (squirrel devs ftw)
[I know this phrase is often used even in my language but I kind of find it amusing anyway. But I get the point, it’s from devs directly, not another retailer or whatever in between]


That’s a good idea also. Thank you.
Maybe people can +1 this if they want to vote for this one?

Lol maybe it highlights redundancy as a feature?
I hope squirrels don’t take our jobs. That would really be the last straw this year :wink:

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What … Decentralized Storj ?!

This is my attempt at “luring” interest in the word Storj which sounds like Storage thereby making people wonder what it is all about. Curiosity will make them at least visit a webinar to find out more.

The ?! denotes a question and excitement that can storage really be decentralized. The craze about anything “decentralized” would be enough to gather more interest in people (devs/customers/crypto enthusiasts/investors)

PS: :heart: the idea of webinars and thanks for asking the community about it :slight_smile:


The punctuation is very eye catching.
Anyone who want’s to vote for this option can +1 here as well.
Thank you for the suggestion. Glad you like the webinar idea :slight_smile:

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I believe having something with “Decentralized Storage” mentioned in it is for the best. We want to push this is different and better to traditional cloud storage.


I personally agree with you. It’s good for human readers and SEO. We will look at the votes and suggestions soon to see what the community has chosen. Thank you for adding this.

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Poll will be closing around 7pm UTC July 1. If you have any more suggestions please post so they can be included in the decision. Thanks!

Storj DCS: Decentralized Storage Under the Hood

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Storj DCS: What’s in the booox!?



Loooool I’m adding this as an official suggestion though there may be copyright issues :wink:

Lots of Dogecoin :smiley: