Need Help Setting Quality Node 10+tb

How do i make a node at a datacenter ? My friend has a cloud service business and is willing to give me about 20 tb of storage space to add alongside him there. How do i do it ?

Docker is probably the way to go…

If you have 3 geo-spatially sparse IPv4 addresses to play with, you could divide the 20TB into 7, 7, 6 TB nodes and run each node on a separate IPv4 address. The three nodes may get more traffic than one large node.

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How much data do you think can be used out of that, per month. at first vs in a yr lets say , and is it worth setting up.

It depends… There’s no good answer.

It takes about a month before a new node is fully vetted. A new node will not see a full load of traffic until the vetting process is complete. New nodes also have a percentage held back from payout. So, many new nodes only see payouts under $5 USD for the first three months or so. After that, payout depends on the node performance and amount of stored data.

From what I’ve seen a typical smaller node that is more than 9 months old pays about $15 to $20 per month.

I’ve got three nodes behind one IP address so treated by Storj as a single node, the youngest two just reached their one year birthday and the old one is about 14 months old. A bit under 5TB available to share with close to 4TB currently in use by Storj. Made just under $12 last month. Might have done better (mostly for vetting reasons) if I had a single 5TB node up front, but I’m just using what hardware I’ve got kicking around. So there is a real world example, beast wasn’t far off. YMMV.

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It is unlikely will have a ROI. Please check with this Community Earnings Estimator: Realistic earnings estimator

lol I mean everything would be free, so it no money out of pocket. I have about 500tb of crucial 4tb ssds actually… but i was thinking $20 x lets say even 100tbs… would be nice to have 2k worth of stroj airdroped everymonth. But, obv doesnt work like that… what about this SIA Coin stuff, if i leverage some sia you think anyone will pick up a contract for a few tbs here and there ?

Please ask Sia questions on Sia forums. This forum is for Storj network related issues.