Need help with being offline

Had everything working online correctly, then I recently updated my docker. Upon doing so, I also reset my router as it was dropping connections frequently. I have now lost my connection with the node. I am using No-IP. I have downloaded the NUC and configed that all properly. I have verified that port 28967 is open and can be seen with I have all exceptions made through the AVG firewall for TCP/UDP in/out for that port as well. I still can not get connected to the node. Just says offline. Using TP-Link AD7200, Windows 10 Pro, Docker, Storj node version 0.23.2. I’ve been trying for 2 days now and this has destroyed my rep I’m sure.

Sorry to waste time. This thread is fixed. I must have just took some time to propagate. It has registered online now. Life is good again :wink: