Network Space and usage

Hello! I am new here and wondering where to find data about the Storj Network. How much overall Space is available and how much is used? How much traffic is there?

Those are all questions that should be easy to answer and it should be on the official website so new node operators could check before starting a node… is a great place to start.

Nothing about my questions there…
I am searching for a more or less live view of the network stats.

Is it 5% Usage if I open a Node or is it more like 30% those are important numbers!

Currently there is no way for SNOs to look at network stats. Also please know this isn’t mining to get regular traffic.

If you looked at very first blog post you will see this.

These are the three main metrics we’re tracking for our service level agreements. For each milestone along our road to production, we have a series of 16 “gates” we use to ensure that the desired performance levels are being achieved. Having features is simply not enough. Other gates we track include total number of vetted storage nodes, which is currently at about 3,000; number of active Tardigrade users; Node churn, which is currently at 1.5% per month; total capacity, which is now between 4.3 petabytes and 7 petabytes, already higher than our 6 petabytes for production launch;

Yes you are correct. You get 5% of traffic till your node gets full vetted on each satellite which usually takes ~ a month/100 audits.

Sure it is not like mining but other storage networks provide such information. Just saiing.

So for the first month I only get 5% of my storage filled up did I get that right?
So the first month I WILL make a negativ result in earnings…

But I still dont know how the real usage of the network is. So how much % of my provided storage will be filled after the first month? Those are informations I need to look if this could at all be profitable…

It really depends on a lot if factors. How fast your internet is… for example. The first months you will only make 50% of what people would normally make… And on the 15th month you will get 50 percent of all your earnings that were “hold”. the reason for this is storj does not want people on the network for only couple of months at a time… It is much more efficient for the network to have reliable nodes…

In the first month about 100GB was filled on my node, but that does not matter as much as the bandwidth used. At least if you are talking about earnings
I recommend you read about what all the terms mean in the help box beside the node estimator sliders… I learned a lot about it from there.

EGRESS REVENUE (TB)= $20 per month
REPAIR REVENUE (TB)= $10 per mouth

STORAGE REVENUE (TB)= $1.50 per month

As you can see you make the most from “bandwidth” (not sure if I am using the right terms). Welcome to the Forum. Hope this helps or even makes sense. (typed all out on mobile)

By the way if you put up the speeds of your wired internet, we might be able to give you a better answer to what your earnings will be. (mbps Upload/download)


Hey Enzo, thanks!!

The Speed will not be the problem. But if nothing is stored nothing is downloadable also. First some data has to be stored (yes I know low earnings) and than there can be traffic…

From the calculator it even seems to be profitable to rent a vps with big disks. But I guess in reality the usage is muuuch lower than 50% of the disk capacity.

How is your usage after 2 or 3 months?

Most repeated thing by far :sweat_smile:

General Storj Network stats would be lovely, including:

  • Number of nodes
  • Total and available TB’s of the network
  • Storj hosts around the World - Storj node map

You have always been strong supporter of storjnet site so I can take a wild guess what that 4th point would be.

Unrelated comment. Please share your wild guess :slight_smile:

Just to correct you there, you get 25% payout/75% held in escrow in month 1-3, 50%/50% in month 4-6, 75%/25% in month 7-9. From month 10 you get the full payout and in month 15 you get half the money currently held in escrow. All the calculations are done per satellite. That means you can be in different month for different satellites.

As for the 5% during the vetting, it doesn’t mean that your storage gets filled 5%. It means that you get only 5% of the traffic you would normally get.

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