Networking question

Hope someone can help…
Is it possible to use a subdomain to connect to my storj host?
for example: instead of storj connecting to, it connects to



Just configure an A record in your DNS zone. Point to whatever IP address is appropriate. The port is configured on the host, not through DNS.


Thanks for your reply.

My issue is I have a dynamic IP therefore i’ve created a DDNS, but an A record will only allow me to enter an IP address.

You would use a CNAME for pointing to your dynamic dns A record.


once i’ve done that, is this what I need to enter in apache’s 000-default.conf:

<VirtualHost *:80>
        ProxyPreserveHost On
        ProxyRequests Off
        ProxyPass / http://localhost:28967
        ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:28967

No clue there, sorry.

The CNAME and config above appeared to work but I got an error in storj as the port was missing so I guess i’m unable to do it.

Thanks anyway guys.

why are you proxying storj traffic through apache ?

Port 28967 is the external port for storj traffic.

If you are trying to see your node’s dashboard, that’s port 14002. But it’s not recommended to display the dashboard publicly like that.

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Then just add the port in your node config

The whole point was to use a subdomain instead of the port.

This is not how all of this works. All services you run are listening in a certain port. The fact that you don’t need to specify a port in your web browser when you go to a website doesn’t mean that the server doesn’t listen in a certain port. Your browser just uses the default ports when not specified.

So just follow the advice given here or live with a not working node. I don’t understand why you’re so opposed to specifying a port. What are you trying to gain? It doesn’t work without. Period.

Relax lol, when did I say I was opposed to it?
I just wanted to use subdomains… no big deal if I can’t.

But you can, just not without port.

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Then there’s no point in using the subdomain.
Let me rephrase so you understand… I just wanted to use subdomains, without ports… no big deal if I can’t!

  • Subdomains are part of the DNS system.
  • Ports refer to something on the host system.

These two things are totally different things.

The configuration of a subdomain does not include the configuration of ports.

My config above would’ve worked if storj allowed it though.

It’s no different to setting up a subdomain for something like plex…

It’s unclear to me what you are attempting to do. Use of Apache or any web server is entirely unnecessary for operation of a storj storage node. Subdomains have nothing to do with ports, although it’s possible to use a web server to proxy web traffic to/from a port other than 80 or 443… it’s also possible to redirect any port to another port using iptables.

There’s also no reason to use a subdomain if you have only a single Internet facing IP address.

If you are trying to display your node’s dashboard at an Internet accessible subdomain, that could be done easily using the instructions you posted with Plex… except change the port configuration in the Apache proxy to 14002.

Port 28967 is for storj clients to connect to… it doesn’t need a subdomain… unless you have two Internet facing IP addresses in your DNS zone.


What people are trying to explain to you is that when you use a reverse proxy like Apache for a service like Plex or other Web UI, you’re basically hosting the service on the common http/https ports 80/443. So your web browser looks like it’s connecting without a port but really it’s using one of those ports, typically https on port 443.

The Storj 28967 port is not a Web UI but more akin to a peer discovery port. You wouldn’t typically host something like this behind a reverse proxy. If you did indeed put it behind Apache with http, you’d still have to specify a port 80 in your storagenode run command. For https, I’m not sure that TLS on port 443 will even work for Storj peering.

The Storj 14002 port is the Web UI dashboard that will work without issue behind a reverse proxy. I do this myself with Traefik and I’m able to connect to it on port 443 in my browser, i.e. looks like I’m connecting without a port.

Think of the Storj 28967 port like a p2p port for a torrent client. You’d forward the peer discovery port and then you’re free to reverse proxy the Web UI.


You also have to tell the storj node what your public ip or address is and the port via the ADDRESS parameter

External IP address or the DDNS you configured and the port you opened on your router <ip>:<port>
If you are using a custom port other than 28967, you have to change the -p 28967:28967 to -p <port>:28967

So in your case ADDRESS would be and -p 80:28967.

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