New nod without any shared

Hello everybody

im have VPS with 2 * 1.5 TB Disk
I’ve Install Storj node and storj share with 2 node but i didnt receives any req ( in 24 H) and try resetart

Please help me ,
Screen …
Thanks a lot

V2 is no longer being used for new data Use V3 for future use.


can u describe more?

Yeah goto and apply for a node here

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This ?

Yes that would be it.

Thanks bro
but i’ve install this …
but not saved anythings

2 - So i most delete storj share ?

If you just installed it yes you can delete it, If you been running since V2 I think they want people to still run it if they have received data.

no , i just installed sotrj share last week

and can u help me more to use with storj nod ?
and the next screen is normal work ?

Then Yes you can just delete it. As far as I can see your node is receiving data like normal, Theres really not much you have to do. Just keep an eye on it making sure its running. Thats about it.

Shouldn’t Storj make gracefull exit for v2, and transfer all to v3?

Thanks for ur replay bro

and my final question can i add new disk ? and how to ? ( i’ve goolged it but not seen anything )


No you cant add another hard drive, You will need to run another node on a new hard drive.

ok on this OS , can i ?

Yes it is possible but not recommended You will need to go though the process of getting a new sign up for it aswell you cant used the same identity for the new node im afraid. Its best to wait for that node to fill up before you run another node. Because then you will have 2 nodes going though vetting process and it will take twice as long to do it. You will not get more data from running more then 1 node on 1 PC you will need to run another node at another location to get the most out of it.

no , i’ve install storj share last week
i think it working !!