New node 5 GB ingress per day

Of course this node is not fully vetted yet. It gets around 5 GB per day right now.
According to the papers an unvetted node receives 5% traffic.
Doing the math that would mean the node would receive 100 GB per day if it was already vetted?

Is that correct or am I missing something?

Just to clarify, the vetting process is on a per satellite basis, so your node will most likely finish vetting by the satellite(s) with the most traffic first. Last node I started, it took about 10-15 days to fully vet on what ever satellite was most active at the time, then around day 20-25 a couple more finished, and then finally around day 30-35 it finished on the newly shutdown Stefan-benten satellite since it wasn’t handling much traffic.

So if you think about it, if you’ve finished vetting on the satellite with the highest traffic at the moment, then you’re node would be eligible for 100% of that satellite’s traffic.

Looking at my fully vetted nodes, I’ve been averaging about 14-15GB of ingress total per day. It’s just a slow period for the network at the moment w.r.t Ingress traffic. Although, I know back in July we were seeing daily averages of closer to 100-150GB/day of ingress, and I think the highest I’ve ever seen on my node(s) is close to 300GB/day of ingress.

Just have to be patient. If you build it, they will come.


Love it :slight_smile:

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Last time I checked, this was false. All non-full unvetted nodes together receive 5% of all Storj traffic. This doesn’t mean a single unvetted node receives 5% of traffic. Instead, depending on the number of unvetted nodes in the network, single unvetted node’s share might be larger or smaller.

Similarly, all non-full vetted nodes together receive 95% of all Storj traffic. So depending on the ratio between the number of vetted and unvetted nodes, you might even start receiving less traffic than as an unvetted node.

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95% of all uploads will be uploaded to the group of vetted nodes. 5% to the group of unvetted nodes. If both groups would have the same size (excluding full nodes) then your math would be correct.

Fun fact: What happens if there are 1 million vetted nodes but only 1 unvetted node? How would that impact your math? :wink:


My node was vetted today… And i don’t see difference between vetted and unvetted nodes.

Sounds less like a math question and more like a “how does the code deal with that?” question. :slight_smile:

Haven’t looked at that part specifically yet, but I’ve noticed some built in exceptions if there are not enough vetted nodes. I’m guessing something similar exists for the other way around as well? If not, I sure hope that single unvetted node has a good connection and decent hardware. It’d be busy! :wink: