New node, dashboard not working

I just installed a new node and the web dashboard is not loading, it gives an error, cant reach this page, what can I do

if you are using docker add -p to your docker run command, also the node has to be stopped docker stop storagenode docker rm storagenode and run the modified docker run command sorry about the incorrect info

no docker at this node, I used the gui to install the node, on the other node that uses docker everything is ok but at this one I have no ideea if its running or not

on my msi windows node I had to uncomment

server address of the api gateway and frontend app

console.address: in the config.yaml, again you must use a text editor other than notepad like notepad++ and stop storagenode.exe and storagenodeupdater.exe make the changes to the config.yaml and save the changes and restart the storagenode

ah I found the problem, the storj service will not start, it gives an error, error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly

what should i do now ?

restart the pc and see if that clears it up

I tried that but the node wont start

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add the # back to the config.yaml and restart the pc and make sure the everything in the config.yaml is properly parsed

but I dont have the config file generated, I dont know why, does not exist

apologies I thought you new the location of the config.yaml, the config.yaml is located in C: program files>storagenode look for a text document type folder named storagenode right click and choose edit with notepad++ if you don’t have notepad++ google it and install it is free, also wherever you added the previous instructions I gave about the config.yaml they have to be removed and those changes have to be made to the actual location where the config.yaml is located

the correct phrase to add to the docker run command is -p

Open cmd.exe and navigate to the Program Files:

cd "%ProgramFiles%\Storj\Storage Node"
storagenode.exe setup --operator.wallet 0x000...00 --server.address ":28967" --contact.external-address external.address.tld:28967 --storage.path Z:\storage --config-dir "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node" --log.output "winfile:///C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log"

The config file config.yaml will be created in the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node"
You can open it with a text editor such as Notepad++ and edit options

You can see other parameters to setup a storagenode by the command:

C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node> storagenode.exe setup --help

For example, you can specify a path to the Identity, if you have it in a different place rather than "%AppData%\Storj\Identity\Storagenode" by default with a parameter --identity-dir

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