New node for lazy SNO

Let’s say I am too lazy to remove a dead node and just want to put a new one into the same place with exactly the same config.
Would it be enough to replace the identity files and the storage-dir-verification file with the new ones?
Would anything else get properly recreated (databases) and garbage collected / purged (existing blobs, trash, etc.)? Or do I have to manually delete them?

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave the databases. I doubt the setup command would clean those up. And using the old ones will start mixing metadata for your old and new nodes. GC should eventually take care of the old data, but it’ll take a long time. Since bloom filters aren’t perfect each run only cleans up about 90%. So you’ll be having a lot of long GC runs, which in itself aren’t triggered all that frequently.

Removing the data is less work than creating this post though… so, what’s the point of not just cleaning up?

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:rofl: It would have jus been so nice to simply reuse everything that is already in the correct place rather than manually deleting everything.