New node in vetting with 12 hours offline

It’s a new node, younger than 1 month (still in vetting period). In 3 days will be 1 month old. It’s a 14TB-alocated node. It’s been offline for 12 hours, 2 weeks ago, and from than it’s recovering slowly its on-line stats, from 70-80% on-line I think… I don’t know what exactely the vetting process involves so…
Will this hickup affect my score/engress/ingress for the future etc?
Should I delete it and start again?

No its not a Problem Vetting is a little bit slower right now. My Node is in 13 days 2 months old and vetting is by me only for us1 nearly completed

Lazy question, but how do you tell when a satellite has completed vetting? Is it indicated on the dashboard?

I did try that tool a week ago but it stopped working after the first run (I’ve raised an issue on github).