New node, Node online, but brandwidth is zero for 24 hours

I started my first node, it’s online. QUIC status is OK. Total disk space in dashboard shows real amount. Suspension and audit is 100% on all 6 satellites.
Current uptime is 47 hours, but Bandwidth Utilization is zero.
I got static IP. It’s correctly shown at Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router and 28967 port is open.
Windows Firewall is shutdown. NoIP hostname configured well and it’s also works.
So, the question is - is my node works correct and is zero bandwidth is ok?

Hi Slame, welcome!

The bandwidth chart in the node dashboard doesn’t update instantly, so it will take time to populate (this metric is sent from the satellites to the node). If your node is online and storing data, everything should be fine. The disk space used graph data is populated directly from your node, so seeing space used here is good. You could also check your node logs for successful upload messages.

If you wish, you can check your node’s vetting progress with this community tool made by BrightSilence:

Keep in mind that vetting will take some time, and the progress accelerates as your node stores more data.


Here is my log and earnings calculator snapshot:

I’m just worried about “0.00” in every cells)
and also one ping error in logs

There might be something wrong here then. I would expect to see more in the logs, and based on that one error message it looks like the satellite can’t reach your node. Could you stop the node, then start it again? Then please post the first 30 lines of the log after the restart? This should start with (or similar):

Configuration loaded    {"Location": "/app/config/config.yaml"}

To help with formatting in the forum please place the block of log lines with three backticks ``` above and below.

log text

When did you start the node? Initially ingress is slow, but should be existent.

What node version are you running? Today it must be 1.47.x or newer to receive ingress.

I confirm your port currently seems open, so the single Error in the log could have been when your IP address changed and the DDNS had not updated.

I’ve been waiting for 8 minutes after node restart, and it’s only 12 new log lines

2022-03-12T01:23:04.521+0900	INFO	Configuration loaded	{"Location": "D:\\Program Files\\Storj\\Storage Node\\config.yaml"}
2022-03-12T01:23:04.523+0900	INFO	Operator email	{"Address": ""}
2022-03-12T01:23:04.523+0900	INFO	Operator wallet	{"Address": "0xc*****"}
2022-03-12T01:23:05.859+0900	INFO	Telemetry enabled	{"instance ID": "12cxJUyAonT3vnouLVWALLMdM4pysjthi8nt5TQnTxupJFS8f9B"}
2022-03-12T01:23:05.874+0900	INFO	db.migration	Database Version	{"version": 53}
2022-03-12T01:23:06.850+0900	INFO	preflight:localtime	start checking local system clock with trusted satellites' system clock.
2022-03-12T01:23:07.884+0900	INFO	preflight:localtime	local system clock is in sync with trusted satellites' system clock.
2022-03-12T01:23:07.884+0900	INFO	Node 12cxJUyAonT3vnouLVWALLMdM4pysjthi8nt5TQnTxupJFS8f9B started
2022-03-12T01:23:07.884+0900	INFO	Public server started on [::]:28967
2022-03-12T01:23:07.884+0900	INFO	Private server started on
2022-03-12T01:23:08.526+0900	INFO	trust	Scheduling next refresh	{"after": "7h25m54.229989036s"}
2022-03-12T01:23:08.527+0900	INFO	bandwidth	Performing bandwidth usage rollups

Node version 1.49.5
I’ve issued static IP at my ISP

Looks good here. When you ran the script, did you stop the node first? It’s possible the database files were not updated when you ran the script. I think it is still recommend in Windows to run the script on a stopped node, or a copy of the database files. To confirm, you did see storage usage on your dashboard? Can you post a screenshot of the dashboard?

Edit: Are you located in Russia by chance? I just noticed your mail [dot] ru email address.

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Ah. Your node is on an IP address in Russia. At this moment Storj is focussing on increasing repair traffic in case Russia closes it’s internet to the rest of the world. Once the repair level has been increased then Russian nodes will start to receive ingress again.


Dashboard: script on stopped node got the same results
And yes, node location is Russia)

Well, as i understand, node config is ok. We just have to wait for the internet issue to be resolved.
Thanks for your response)

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