New Node Offline, Bad/Old Node ID?

Greetings all,

I’ve had a Node ID for quite a while, but never really could commit to running the Node the way I wanted to until now. I’ve installed the Windows GUI, set everything up the way it should be, however I’m getting the following error:

heldamount service error: node not found: (redacted)

I’m guessing my Node ID is old and has maybe gone stale or been de-activated. Is there a way to remedy this without having to re-register?

Thanks in Advance!

Did you reuse the old identity? If so, it’s probably best to start over with a new identity. You would need a new token as well, but they are sent out immediately now. No more wait lists.

I’m not entirely sure whether that error is actually an issue or simply because your node is new. But using a new identity is a good idea either way. Otherwise you’ll start with a lot of downtime from day one.

Hello, @TheGradius!

Would you kindly provide not redacted error message?