New node offline

Guess I mess up my other post…so sorry. New type of forum for me.

Anyway had a new node brought online and after a day it still shows offline. Probably missed something. However DNS works, port forwarding shows open in the public IP, identity check from other posts shows a result of 2 and 3. So not sure…any suggestions?20190901_085717

Hello @Nastea,
Welcome to the forum!
Please, start with this list:

Thanks as mentioned the port shows as open. Identify command you gave shows.

Then, please, check your firewall. It should have an incoming rule to allow any traffic from the any source and TCP 28967 and your PC with docker as a destination.
And make sure, that your external address is resolved to the same public IP as on yougetsignal. For example, nslookup ddns.address


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