New Node Vetting Time?

Built my first Node about a month ago on a spare server I have running Windows Server 2019, I allocated 21TB of the 48TB Raid Drives to the Node. Is there a way to tell when the vetting will be completed?

Hello @SSponz and welcome to the forum.

The web dashboard itself does not show this piece of information.

@BrightSilence created a script that gives some useful insights, including the vetting progress:

Check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks Pac, I’ll give that a try…

We must have started our nodes at the same time. I have 46GB used so far and the closest to being vetted for me is at 80% on eu1 with the rest between 50-75%. Those percentages were estimated by the @BrightSilence script.

I don’t think those 80% are going to be accurate. So far, I’ve been getting about 1vet/day for eu1 and us1 (a little less for us1) and it doesn’t seem strongly correlated to traffic or storage from these nodes. There were recently a few days with higher vetting (3rd of March to 7th of March) but it has slowed down again.

I have a discussion with @BrightSilence about that here and they are looking for other people to post their weekly vetting progress to allow for more precise estimations. Feel free to participate :slight_smile: