[NEW NODE] Windows 10 - How to add more TB to NODE + VPN question

if you are looking for VPNs check out PureVPN they are offering 88% on their black friday offer

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A new thread would be much better than clubbing this info in this thread just my 2 cents.

Thanks For the info ,
I would also like to share purevpn deal which i bougth today as they are giving away 88% off

Definitely but for now it´s not possible! I also lost 1.9TB Linux SNO trying to expand using LVM :frowning:
That´s why it´s Beta :wink:

@Enzo How can I upgrade my node on Windows ? ( no docker )

the Windows GUI has a built in updater but it may take a few hours until it activates itself.

Thanks! So it will always take the latest updates ?

yes that is what I understand would happen.

Here’s a VPN with port forwarding and other good features. The price is very democratic, I have been using for a long time…

@ARA, you also can use PIA, PureVPN, ngrok, portmap.io

And when you would migrate to Windows GUI from a docker, please use the storage folder inside the docker’s data folder


Thanks, I will tryout one of the solutions.

Is there a way to follow how much we mined ? ( before payout )

Storj is NOT mining.

You can find out how much you got paid using this.


Great! thanks.
Just what I was looking for.

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Can you make detail tutorial for these step?
Thank you!


you can use my toolbox, it will install node, but you need just add information for install.

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Hi Vadim,

i have read your post about the SC to create more than one Node at one PC. But i do not understand what you habe written.
For me it is the same path i should change via regedit.#

For example…if i had another HDD as path F…so what should i do with SC.exe?

Hope you can explain it a little bit easier :slight_smile:

Search Toolbox here, it can install additional node toyou just provide needed paths there.

Multiple computers are required to have multiple nodes and VPN. For example, two Windows 10 machines are required to run two nodes. Each node requires its own hardware.