New to storj, experiencing possible speed issues

Hi everyone hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. I’m having some very strange issues and I’m wondering if you can help. I’m running an Intel eight core I nine processer MacBook Pro 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB storage. Processor speed is 2.3 GHz my connection is 100 MBPS I’m running macOS Big Sur. Currently trying to back up a 2 TB external volume two storj I’m currently averaging speed of about 7gb per five hours is this normal or is there something going on please? The backup client is arq7.

If you could tell me what your thoughts on this matter that would be greatly appreciated everyone it seems a bit strange to me but it might be normal behaviour I don’t know and I thought I’d check here thanks for your help everyone kind regards.

can you give more details about it?
what method of uploading data do you use?
how much cpu usage it show?
how much trafic usage it show?
do you use wifi or cable?

Just to add the answer: it’s not normal :wink:

Speed can depend on a lot of factor (including the percentage of the fast storagenodes).

It’s not a scientific measurement, but just uploaded 7gb with default settings (!) and it took a few minutes for me:

time uplink cp 7g sj://public/
upload 7g to sj://public/7g
[-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100.00% 18.11 MiB p/s

real	6m36.395s
user	4m41.005s
sys	3m6.832s
  1. I didn’t set any parameters / parallelization settings, I believe it can be further improved.
  2. Other processes on the same box also used my bandwidth and CPU
  3. I used a server (but not a very strong one, can be similar to your MacBook if you have decent internet connection)

As a first step I would try to upload with uplink CLI or rclone (storj protocol) to be sure it’s not the limitation of arq7.

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Hi, thanks for this, I think I’m going to try It with duplicati but before I do this, I’m going to delete what’s been backed up so far. so far.