New utility token for small transfers

I agree that it would come with expenses, additional work and maybe even legal ramifications. But it might be a long term solution. So no more frequent changes of payout process required.

I was not really aware that Storj Labs is looking for a solution that does not cost them and does not require work. Of course the cheapest way with least of work is to owe the SNOs their money and pay them when it suits Storj Labs. However from the thread that came with the change of payout scheme I saw that at least some SNOs including myself are not happy with those frequent changes on the payout process that get imposed on us. This is even more true when it is again forseeable that these don’t really solve the underlying problem.

But ok, maybe ETH2.0 will solve this problem and the changes you had announced are only temporary until then. If not, I fear the original idea of doing cheap monthly mass micro payments to SNOs has failed. In that case it should be reconsidered.

We are actively working on L2-based solution. Stay tuned!