Nextcloud on Storj?

Thanks @heunland for explaining

I thought you might be interested by this documentation update:


Please note that we just published this first version of these instructions for Nextcloud integration, we are still refining some details. Commands should be correct for Linux, I think we are not quite done yet with adding them for Windows and MacOS yet though. So please bear with us while we add these last details and post here if you find any errors with using the linux instructions, so we can amend the documentation if needed.

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This is interesting, however it does not explain how to add Tardigrade as an external storage instead of primary storage backend.
But the same configuration options can be used in the nextcloud interface too, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt the documentation for using Tardigrade as an external storage.

And as an external storage I found an issue a while ago that prevents file uploads of files >64MB ( which will need to be fixed first.
But since they are already working on nextcloud integration, this will probably be done soon. Looking forward to a fully working nextcloud integration!

That’s awesome when this really works

I managed to get it worked with an existing Nextcloud installation :slight_smile:
If you are interested in getting tardigrade as an external storage, just follow these steps:

1. Follow the official documentation until the step “Run the S3 gateway”, included.
nb: there is an error in the command to run the gateway. It shouldn’t be “./uplink_linux_amd64 setup” but rather “./gateway_linux_amd64 setup”
2. Go to “Settings > Administration > External Storage” page
3. Add an S3 storage

Some insights about important parameters to be set:

  • Authentication: Access key
  • Bucket: an existing bucket name (previously created on your tardigrade account)
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 7777
  • Enable Path style: Yes
  • Access key: Your access key (prompted when you start the gateway_linux_amd64 script
  • Secret key: Your secret key (prompted when you start the gateway_linux_amd64 script

That’s it!

I just did it so it may have some bugs I didn’t see yet…


Try uploading files >64MB and tell me if it works or if your files are of different size than originally, logs etc…
Maybe it is fixed without an announcement.

What’s about security . Is it secure to setup Nextcloud on a root server and use Tardigrade?

Have somebody’s little scheme how the dataflow is?

I’m not ready to put all of my Nextcloud data on Tardigrade.
In terms of data security (i.e. confidentiality & privacy) concerns, I think you can find the answers on the official documentation and see if it’s enough for you or not.
In terms of infrastructure security, I would be (at least at the beginning) a little bit concerned if my all data would be spread all around the world. I prefer to use it for 2nd or 3rd copy of data (as backup). Indeed, if one of the satellite I use is down, it will be a real nightmare.
In terms of performance, it may be less interesting since it will probably take more time each time you upload or downlaod/read something on your server (I’m self-hosted and I can already say that it’s a little bit longer using tardigrade).
In terms of costs compared to self-hosting, I think it will rapidly become expansive since we will have to pay each time we want to read/download a file, which can happen a lot of times (+ cost of storage on tardigrade itself)…

In other words, I’m not ready to put my unique personal/important data on tardigrade. I am pretty confident and trustful about privacy but don’t want to lose my data. So, for the moment, I prefer to use it as an external backup (nextcloud is not required for this) and for other non really important data I want to keep on Nextcloud.

I just made the test with a 7z archive, containing ~280MB of photos.
You are right, the archive is now corrupted and is 64MB on tardigrade :confused:

That’s too bad…
I didn’t know this issue. Is it related to Nextcloud S3 plugin?

I think there is still very much work and testing for Storj to production and have some real word use case.

In 2 days SkyNet will be released
Let’s see what happen and which cloud storage will provide storage with good usability

I don’t think it is a bug in the Nextcloud S3 plugin since it apparently works well with S3. It might be a bug in the storj gateway but I’m sure storj will figure it out soon enough.

I might not be concerned about data or infrastracture security but also intent to use it only as a backup solution.
Syncing files would get quite costly due to egress traffic and since nextclouds mostly contain small files, I think it might result in a colossal waste of traffic because every file is split into segments of 64MB but the files in nextcloud are typically a lot smaller than 64MB.

Sorry, I misspoke myself.
Of course, if I use tardigrade as an external backup, I wouldn’t do it directly through Nextcloud. I would rather use another backup solution to create an archive or something like that and then send it to tardigrade.

@keleffew @kevink Is this information still true?

It was few weeks ago when I tried again

Is there any news about cooperation?

Time goes by, I am looking for information and I do not see anything.

Hi @vovannovig! Check out this latest update as of a week ago :slight_smile:


That’s great! Out of curiosity, how is this app making the use of the S3 gateway unnecessary?

Yes, I tested it and it works. With this app you do not need an s3-compatible gateway anymore.
Just follow instructions on GitHub.
After installation it will appear as a connection method in External storage.

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