Nice! Check out new website and onboarding

I am still playing around with it and honestly I find it extremly confusing.

On the billigng Page resource column has no pricing ($NaN)

Here are another 2 suggestions:

  1. Via web file browser, there is no option to create a share for a complete bucket nor it seems for a folder in a bucket. That means if I want to provide access, than I would have to repeat the steps of sharing for every single file in a bucket. It would be easier, if I would be able to create a share for an entire bucket or entire folder.

  2. When I have created an Access Grant, it is always a bit the feeling like ‘what now?’. Then I have to manually find the linkshare URL, the bucket and/or the file name and manually put everything together to have a working linkshare link.
    The linkshare option is nowehere to be mentioned, so I have to look it up somewhere, to get the correct URL, then I have to add the Access Grant, after that I have to look up the bucket and folder sturcture to get to the file… Maybe some kind of a linkshare generator, that helps to make this process more automated would be a good thing.

I just noted that copying the share link does not work for me:

  1. Go to dominionlarge | Tardigrade

  2. Click Share

  3. Click Copy

  4. Paste link somewhere

For me the link does not paste, it isn’t even in the clipboard.

It looks like the issue is that the link is not from https://, but instead it’s using http://. For http:// sites copying to clipboard is disabled. I’ll see whether we can either hide the share button when it’s http:// and/or add automatic redirect to https://

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Hi, jammerdan.
It looks like outdated linksharing version. Can you please check with current satellite version. If so - I’ll create ticket for that and we’ll try to fix it ASAP.

How is that an outdated satellite version? I have uploaded it yesterday though eu1 frontend file browser.

in your case I see linksharing service on, but now should be
like this
if you can reproduce it now - it’s problem with satellite settings. But with my account o EU1 I can’t reproduce it and we need to dig deeply into this problem

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I am logging in via if that helps.

uplink share --url sj://bucket/prefix will give you a URL (and also let you add additional restrictions like time and so on). It has the benefit of making sure the link is short and restricted to only what you meant to share. I’d be nervous about creating links with access grants yourself - you might be sharing more than you mean to!

On the feature requests for the web file browser - they’re in the queue!


With this it does work!

But I am not using uplink. I am in the web browser. And for that I cannot find any information how to use my created Access Grants to share a bucket. Maybe I have overlooked, but where is the information that I can use, and and how. I think some guidance on how to proceed is missing.

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@jammerdan I talked to our engineer Jennifer , and as you already were aware it is possible via the uplink cli share - Storj DCS
its a also a feature request internally , from some of our staff . . so its something thats being talked about. I dont have a timeline though, everything on the roadmap has to be weighed, and then priorities are assigned. thanks for your patience!