No audit activity at all with a 0.15.3 node that otherwise seems online

Now I had some issues with my node flapping previously so it’s possible this is related, but I’m getting absolutely zero audit activity at all. Not in days with the node up.

Dash shows the node online with the Last Contact time updating normally. Docker logs in DEBUG show quite a lot of failed connections, but also successful connection counts getting into the 10s of 1000s of times.

The port is correctly forwarded.

Node ID is 12txo9zvG5XkqYp3T7QgR1DPcf31zEWgM1R4yvMd3e99GRp17jh if that helps any. Let me know what else would be useful to debug.

According to our stats this node was disqualified due to failed audits at 2019-06-29 22:08:12.953626+02, while it was at v0.14.3.

Please copy your docker run command here or send it to the with your NodeID

That’s frustrating. That’s well before the current round of issues I had with 0.15.2 and 0.15.3 and I’m not aware of anything that would of disrupted the node. Might explain why I had so many issues though.

Is there any path back from that?

Edit: On reflection, if the node was disqualified on the 29th of June, why do I have 191.1GB Ingress and 63.4 GB egress since July 1, even with the issues I’ve had in the last two weeks?

Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v0.15.3 )


ID           12txo9zvG5XkqYp3T7QgR1DPcf31zEWgM1R4yvMd3e99GRp17jh
Last Contact 1s ago
Uptime       44h44m33s

                   Available         Used      Egress      Ingress
     Bandwidth        4.7 TB     254.6 GB     63.4 GB     191.1 GB (since Jul 1)
          Disk        5.0 TB          0 B

External  REDACTED

I sent through and email Alexey rather than post addresses in here.

You were likely not disqualified on all satellites. Hence the storage used since July 1st.

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