No diskspace used in dashboard graph

Hi everyone,

i have a question about my node.

Since start, around 1 month ago, i can’t see in dashboard the space used/h, but the storage space it’s consumed , around 2,5 TB on 5 allocated.
This issue reflects on the payment dashboard and i cant know the aproximative amount of $ for space used.

What can i do to fix this and show the value on the dashboard?

Thanks for support.


Please, check your databases:

I noticed that the disk usage only updates twice per day on my node, don’t know if that is intended. I saw some days with a big mismatch between remaining disk and disk usage.

I don’t know about Warezzo, but in my case it is a database lock issue:

2020-05-04T01:59:56.112Z ERROR piecestore failed to add bandwidth usage {“error”: “bandwidthdb error: database is locked”, “errorVerbose”: "bandwidthdb error: database is locked\n\*bandwidthDB).Add:59…


2020-05-04T02:00:30.675Z ERROR piecestore download failed {“Piece ID”: “73NTFGGVWPYR56LAIIUY5B4XCR23JRKV2B7S23WRHZJNXNAR4Q2Q”, “Satellite ID”: “1wFTAgs9DP5RSnCqKV1eLf6N9wtk4EAtmN5DpSxcs8EjT69tGE”, “Action”: “GET”, “error”: “usedserialsdb error: database is locked”, “errorVerbose”: "usedserialsdb error: database is locked\n\*usedSerialsDB).Add:35…

With all due respect, but “check your database” shouldn’t be the answer. Seriously, we shouldn’t be fixing databases when storj fails to properly handle databases. Writing proper multi-threaded access to sqlite is the solution. Node operator is supposed to be a “install and forget about it” thing, no?

I don’t think your two issues (disk space and db locked) are related but I could be wrong …
the reason being that I have the same picture but no database locked errors

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Hm, you think I should start a new thread to not mix things up here?
Actually someone just posted the same issue in another thread: "Action": "GET_AUDIT", "error": "usedserialsdb error: database is locked",

Your usage at least has some data, mine has zero for a whole day. However since it is not reflected in the “remaining disk”, I think it’s an error somewhere.

I agree, you should check your databases as up above from Alexey

I checked the logs and restarted. It’s not a malformed db problem. I think it is a different problem then, likely the same these other guys saw today.