No payouts since December 8th

2020/12/08 02:20:46 was the last deposit. I saw something about a minimum payout due to prices (understandable) but what is the minimum payout? Is there a way to keep track of how much our account has accumulated so far?

The minimum payout is 4 times the ERC20 transfer cost, using average gas prices from the hours before the payments are made.

The latest version of the storagenode dashboard (1.24.4) should show you more clearly what’s been paid and what’s accumulating.

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I’m running 1.22.2
I had it set to auto-update so it seems I will need to look into that.

The update to latest version is still rolling out.

Now that it costs 1701 gwei (US @2.50) to send .5 Eth, when are we going to get our payouts from Dec, Jan and Feb?

When your node would accumulate enough to be paid.
And you should take a look on average cost of ERC20 transfers

Multiple average fee for ERC20 to 4 and you can estimate the minimum threshold for L1 payouts.

You can also opt-in for zkSync and receive your payout right away in the nearest payout period (it’s a first two weeks of the next month for a previous):

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So based on $30+ per month earned on my node, I should receive all of my payouts in a few weeks it seems.

Who knows what fee would be before send…

i never got a reply to my question.

why not send multiple payouts? first for example beginning of the month, second 7 days later.

1.24.4 is installed now. I don’t see anything about funds accrued.

Click on “Payout Information”, take a look on the left upper corner, it’s states “Balance”, there is undistributed payout.
You also can see it under each satellite for the last month with finished payout (for January 2021 in our case). When the February 2021 payout would be completed and if you still would have undistributed payouts you will see them there.
If you would opt-in for zkSync, you likely will se a TX to the block explorer in the Payout history below.
You should also see a distributed amount in the Payout history under each satellite.

The first attempt is automated, all others are not. I sent this proposal a while ago to the team. If they would decide to go this way, it could be implemented. I do not think they have a capacity right now.
It’s much simpler to opt-in for zkSync and receive your payout each month as usual.

I had to clear the browser cache for this to show.

I’m looking at a CLI through SSH to my VPS. What are you using?

Alexey is referring to the web dashboard. If you want to see this via the command line, you can use BrightSilence’s earnings calculator script.

Or use a remote access to your web dashboard: