Node 2 days working

hi, i’m starting in storj and i think I’ve the node working correctly on a windows, but i can’t see movement in earnings:

Current Month Earnings
Total Earned
Total Held Amount

i’ve online status and 48h uptime, my wallet is created too…
Can you help me please?

18gb of bandwidth utilization…

You just have to be a little more patient. Data comes in slowly at first until your node is vetted. You simply haven’t reached $0.01 worth of earnings yet.

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During first months, you won’t get a lot of money. This is for mainly 3 reasons:

  1. Your node needs to be vetted by the satellites, as @BrightSilence explained
  2. A part of your earnings will be held (more explanation here). Anyway, the “Current Month Earnings” figure includes this held amount. So do not expect to get this “current month earning” transferred to your wallet for the first months.
  3. Since your node doesn’t have a lot of data, the egress is mechanically very low (i.e. the volume of data downloaded and charged to the customer when he wants to retrieve his data) while it’s the most expansive part of the service ($20 / TB downloaded).

So, in a nutshell: your node is very young. Be patient and you will get more substantial earnings after several months (but do not expect to get rich in 6 months either ^^)


While I’m at it, I might as well link you to this:

That calculator will show more detailed information on usage and payout with more decimal places, including held back amounts etc. It also shows progress of vetting on each satellite. Let me know in that topic if you have any questions.

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