Node age on Dashboard: 2 different data


Node dashboard displays 2 different data for node age on satellites.

For example:

“Payout History” table shows that my node is 8 Months on europe-north-1:
Capture d’écran du 2020-12-09 20-48-19

But the “Held Amount History” table shows the same node is 9 months on the same satellite:
Capture d’écran du 2020-12-09 20-48-46

I think it means the “Payout history” shows the actual age of the node, while the “Held Amount History” shows at which Month we are in the life of the node. But it is still disturbing and I think it should, at least, clearly stated.

What do you think?

the held amount history is live / current
while the payout history you can change… tho when you change it the node age doesn’t change in payout history… so i guess it shows the node age from the last payout…

you are right, that does look very confusing…

Yeah, the screenshots made sense to me until this part… I think that’s a bug. It should just display the month number for the month being displayed.