Node crash, no log

Good morning,

Several of my nodes crashed then restarted, on 09/19 and 09/22, in the logs I don’t tell you anything, currently the log.level is on “warn”. Do you know of a way to see the reason for this crash?


Usually there is a fatal error in the logs, and it tells what’s the reason. However, if you didn’t redirect logs to the file in case of docker, and the container was removed - these logs are lost.
If you use Linux, you may also use journalctl to see events on these dates, perhaps it could bring the light on the reason.
If you use Windows, you may use Events Viewer to see the problem on the interested dates.

Could it be the updater? or os reboot? (wich os?)

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The logs are saved in a file but I can’t find anything there.
I have this error which returns on all the nodes which crash.

No the version has not changed, and for the ubuntu 22.04 os

It’s actually was changed, see

In the screenshot I do not see a reason, there is only information, that the container has been stopped, then started, but not the reason (it was provided earlier).

P.S. My docker nodes has been restarted automatically 2 days ago.

2023-09-20T08:18:25Z    INFO    Got a signal from the OS: "terminated"  {"process": "storagenode"}
2023-09-21T06:05:04Z    INFO    Got a signal from the OS: "terminated"  {"process": "storagenode"}

Do you recommend that I set log.level to what level to have maximum information in the event of a crash? Currently it is in “warn”

If that was a crash, you should have a FATAL error in your logs. The “warn” level includes errors as well.