Node Dashboard - Payout Information bytesh

Hello guys,
I have checked the payoutinformation from june on my Node Dashboard and i was wondering about the new value bytesh.

Could you tell me what this value mean?
Edit: Or does it mean Bytes * hours?

thanks Dominik

it does.
but i have the same bug. it shows 0 for june, may is ok.


Created an internal issue for that.

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Thanks Alexey. I await the answer.

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What version of Storagenode are u using? Can’t reproduce this issue in master :man_shrugging:

I have the same issue on all my nodes for all previous periods, v1.6.4, linux docker.

Same issue for june on all my nodes, docker ubuntu, v1.6.4

@Nikolai_Siedov my Node is running on V1.6.4 an a raspberry pi with linux and docker

Same issue for june on my SN v1.6.4, docker, debian

Steps to replicate:

  1. Select “Custom Date Range” instead of “Current Period”
  2. Select “June 2020”


I would add
0. Use version 1.6.4

@Alexey, @Nikolai_Siedov since the Information of July is updated, the value of the month June is also fixed.
But the Disk value of July is very low. During the month the value showed in the graph was higher. So maybe the issue is not fixed at the moment.

You can check with