Node disqualified, best actions

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This is a wrong move. The disqualification is permanent and not reversible.
I would assume that you stopped the clone already.

  1. Stop both nodes.
  2. Move blobs folder from the clone to the original node data location with joining data with the similar blobs, but without a replace of files :warning: so, it should move only new files.
  3. Delete the second node completely.
  4. Start the first one (we will hope that it will survive)
  5. Generate a new identity for the second node (not copy!), sign it with a new authorization token and run the second node with its own identity (not cloned) and clean storage.

no. You need to do it manually, for example, using this way: How To Forget Untrusted Satellites.
I would recommend to add the EU1 satelliteID with its host and port to the untrusted list for the first node, as described in this article.

It’s not needed. If your first node didn’t lost the remained data, it can work, but without a EU1 satellite is now on.
However, you may do a Graceful Exit, it will take exact 30 days and all that time the node must be online: