Node down after windows reboot

Hi Apparently windows performed an update and rebooted while I was away. The page that normally populates with storj info: http://localhost:14002 shows "problem loading " error. How do I correct this? I used the GUI installation thing originally. Thx for the help I’m on windows 10 pro and have docker running

are you on GUI instalation or Docker? first you speak that you have GUI then Docker
Go to Storagenode log, what you see there?

Sorry. docker starts when my system starts, I just threw that in. I installed storj with the GUI when the GUI first became available and storj normally starts when my system starts. I then can see the status on that webpage url. Where is the log I’ll check it.

Gui version log in in program files/Storj

the version number is 28.2

in storjnode.log it shows this
version running on version v0.27.1

try to restart it in services.

cool, give yourself an award. It started and I learned something new

crtl F5 if your dashboaer looks not good.