Node First few months

Hi Team,

I started my journey in the first week of September with a $14TB node. It’s been almost 45 days and i only see 50GB stored so far. I have a 1G upload and download with no caps. I have also put the line on a priority. How long will it take for the disk to get full?

Is this normal, even after one month?

@BrightSilence @moderators

Unfortunately this sounds very normal.
Running a node is not mining. Running a node means to provide storage for the decentralized Storj DCS product and its utilization depends on adoption of real customers.
Here is a dashboard about Storj DCS network statistics: Grafana

This helps to get an idea about the size and the usage of the network. If you know potential customers who are using competitors like Amazon S3, Wasabi or Backblaze, you can help to increase Storj adoption by making them aware of Storj DCS.

Also, you might wanna check out this community made estimator that could give you an idea on what to expect in term of ROI, data stored over time and other metrics: