Node full but keeps getting data

I think this may be a new bug that started with 0.31.12. I have created a bug report in a different thread. It seems like with this latest version of the software there is more than one formula used for space calculations that are being used simultaneously which is causing inconsistent behavior on my node as a result of having trash in my trash folder. When my disk space available(as reported by the dashboard) is about equal to space used by trash, my node reports that I have space available but will start rejecting uploads with an error that says “out of space” even though the dashboard still says I have 11G of space available, which is the size of the contents of the trash folder.

Since I have lowered my storage setting to 500G my node is showing -44.2 GB and I have stopped receiving ingress. I just need to make sure that my storage setting is not too close to the amount of space I’m actually using. That seems to be when the node gets confused.

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This needs to be tested at the margins.

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Is this issue with receiving pieces when the node is full solved?

pretty sure it is. did not experience it anymore

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