Node goes into "sleep"

Hello - i have a node that runs good for about 10 hours and then the dashboard will no longer load (unlimited loading icon).

Can i do anything to prevent this? i belive its still up and getting/sending data - so uptime i dont think is a problem. BUT when i cant acces the dashboard this also affects the api - so i cant get stats on the node.

It also seems impossible to shut it down:

EDIT: it took awhile:

input/output error suggests your storage is failing.

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Thanks - i belive it was because this drive was also being used by the filewalker - just like a nother node i have - seems they suffer the same problem. I just dissabled filewalker.

High I/O by filewalker usually leads to increased memory usage, not I/O errors. Be careful.

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Oh okay- thanks. I will keep an eye on it :slight_smile: