Node goes offline after updating to 0.34.6

Well, you have guessed it from the title, after manually updating using the provided commands in the update software Stor-J page, my dashboard now looks like so:

From the log, it looks like most if not all upload requests are canceled

Here is an error example that I get flodded with the newly renamed ‘‘piecestore upload canceled’’

I’d gladly post the full example of the error, but that counts as a link and there can’t be more than 2 in a newly created account…

Now, that being said, the docker is situated on a Unraid machine, the ports are open and accessible, I tried to delete the docker and reinstall it but I end up at the same point. Certs are unchanged and, well, everything looks to be working when looking at the log except that there are tons and tons of upload canceled and the dashboard shows non-sense… And when I say that it seems to be working, I also mean that there are absolutly no other errors than the one(s) like above.

At this point, I don’t know what to try anymore, pls send help <3

Have you tried to press ctrl F5 to clear cache and see if it fixes the dashboard?

I believe this is the new errors we used to get that were context cancel so its normal.

Your screenshot shows that you node is offline. You need to bring it online for it to be able to accept any uploads. Here are steps to get it back online: My Node is OFFLINE for 2 hours

How does your docker run command looks (remove private parts)?
Do you split the storage on several disks or have it on one dedicated disk?
Please share the last 20 logs.
I also have it on unraid and it works just fine.

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The dashboard is now unreachable, which confirms that the node is most likely offline

Already done that, and everything looks fine!

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Repaired it!
The problem was that the Share had access to two disks and, well, it didn’t matter for the previous versions but didn’t work after the update!

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Can you give am example. I think I have the same issue, but not sure what you mean by the share had access to two disks.

Looking at the share settings dedicated to the storage of stor-j, in the :included disks section, I had all disks allowed but I belive that it messed up something since, in fact the data could be in two disks! After allowing a single drive, everything came back to normal.

Could you elaborate, where you see/change those settings?
Obviously, they are not related to the storagenode.

Sure thing!
Now, assuming that you already have a share created to stock all the data related to the node and that you are using the latest Unraid update as of today (6.8.3):
In the third tab named “Shares” there should be a list of all current shares. Click on the one created for the node.
That should change the page to one that displays the share settings.
What was relevant to my situation was the “Included disks”. Previously, I had allowed “Disk 1” and “Disk 2”. After unchecking my “Disk 1” which didn’t have the 4TB max allocated space that I allowed to the node, the dashboard came back as usual.

It may or may not be important, but my allocation method is High-Water,
Minimum free space at 0 KB
the split level is : Automatically split any directory as required, and
the use of cache is not allowed
I didn’t exclude any disks as that would be redundant

Hope that was more clear and detailed than my previous explanation!

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