Node has been suspended after decrease size of node

My node was 5.5TB (max was setuped for 6TB)
I decide decrease size of node and configure it as 5TB max (0.5TB was overloaded)
I have successfully egress, and did not recieve ingress (expected). No any errors in logs.

But looks like all this time (~20 days) storj start think that my node is offline. And today my node was suspended

Your Node is suspended since 2022-11-21 00:11:52.560749 +0000 UTC: This is a reminder that your StorageNode is suspended on Satellite 12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB
Your Node is suspended since 2022-11-21 00:49:17.878332 +0000 UTC: This is a reminder that your StorageNode is suspended on Satellite 1wFTAgs9DP5RSnCqKV1eLf6N9wtk4EAtmN5DpSxcs8EjT69tGE

Version: v1.66.1

NodeId: 1jH9uPLt5UkxNikfUg1LVerdzhQSeQ5sgmj7K9wkfQrpXLWGBx

Your node is suspended because of online score is lower than 60%. You need to keep your node online, as soon as the online score is recovered above 60%, it will went out of suspension.
To fully recover your node should be online for the next 30 days. Each downtime requires another 30 days to recover.

If your node is offline, then please do usual checks:

It’s really interesting that on half of the satellites the online score is >90% and on the rest - significantly lower, even <60%. Usually, the online score across all satellites is in the same range.

@Pretender Could you post a screenshot of the top of the dashboard that displays the current online status, uptime, and last contact? Do you see any errors in the logs of the storage node? Is your node behind a Static IP or DDNS?


I return back to 6TB yestarday it is static IP. Dedicated server at home.
This node was started in january 2021. And was working without any problems. Before i decide decrease from 6TB to 5TB.

The reducing a size doesn’t matter, but offline event around Nov 10 or Nov 11 here is:

You may see when your node were not available with these scripts: