Node limitations reduced on their own

Hey all,

I run all of my nodes with a static configuration of 4Tb storage + 8Tb bw, well on Christmas I got an alert for a node going offline. I wasn’t in a place to check on it until today when I found that it had reduced it’s bandwidth to 1Tb and storage to 3Tb somehow. History shows that at no point did I ever run docker with those settings so I’m at a loss as to how they got that way.

I redeployed to get it back online ASAP so now the logs are lost but has anyone seen anything anomalous like this? Any way it could have been caused by watchtower restarting it for an upgrade? My other nodes seem to be fine

Thanks in advance for any help

Where you saw those numbers?

Hey Alexey,

Thanks for the quick reply, I saw them running:

docker exec storagenode sh -c ’ /app/ ’

Do you have a screenshot?

Sadly I do not :frowning:

I’ll keep an eye out and pull logs if it should reoccur

Not only logs, the screenshot of the dashboard too.