Node not recognizing consumed storage


I had some issues with my node and had to move over from the docker version to the Windows GUI for V3 beta testing. It appears that my post disappeared for some reason however.

Now that I am on the GUI and have some left over files in my blobs folder, I didn’t want to lose my files and have to start over. However, once I launch the node, the free space on the drive is not correctly reflected. It says that there is 1.5TB free when in fact there is 0.5TB free.

Here is the error message I am getting in my log file:

2019-12-21T13:38:30.067-0700 ERROR piecestore:cacheUpdate error getting current space used calculation: {“error”: “context canceled”}
2019-12-21T13:38:30.068-0700 ERROR piecestore:cacheUpdate error persisting cache totals to the database: {“error”: “piece space used error: context canceled”, “errorVerbose”: “piece space used error: context canceled\n\*pieceSpaceUsedDB).UpdateTotal:115\n\*CacheService).PersistCacheTotals:82\n\*CacheService).Run.func1:68\n\*Cycle).Run:87\n\*CacheService).Run:63\n\*Peer).Run.func6:453\n\*Group).Go.func1:57”}

did you correctly specify the path to your data folder where the data from the previous node were stored? You may have omitted the /storage subfolder from the path. So now the node is storing new data in the wrong folder. We warned about this in the documentation.

I might have but I corrected that before starting the node in the config file. The new files are being added to the same folder where my old files are. There is nothing in the blobs folder of the root where I initially pointed the GUI install.

Do I have to start over or is there another solution to resolve this?

What you are saying is the bug from the latest release. You just need to wait for the new version that fixes the bug

OK sounds good so should I refrain from running my node until then?

No. Run your node. Just decrease allocated storage so it does not run out and corrupt your node