Node not starting!?

I am trying to start a node, but i am getting a lot of contact:service ping satellite failed errors. Any idea what to check? Started another node without an issue, but this one acts weird. Docker is up, container is running, but node offline. I set it up the same as my other working nodes. Web dashboard only loads on the IP:14002, but not on my.domain.tld:14002. CLI dashboard says node is offline, but shows uptime?! STORJ v1.45.3

telnet my.node.ip 28967
Trying my.node.ip...
Connected to my.node.ip.

Definitely something wrong hereā€¦

OK. Weird. Restarted the machine and the node started. It appears my setup was correct. Maybe DNS was propagating slower for that one and it was not visible to the satelies.