Node Offline and bug in Dashbord

Its connected with Sata blue intern

ok, iam out. I dont understand the bugs!

Is it docker version? If so, try to restart the docker from the docker desktop.
Please, tell us - is your storagenode running?
For the docker version:

docker ps

For the Windows GUI:

Get-Service storagenode*

Please, check the connectivity of your node with this checklist:

update: now it works and i did nothing, lol. run since 6 days.
my last login was bevore 7 days!
maybe, very bugy…

hm, i see in the log file, that upload doesnt run. many issues

That’s normal behavior. If enough other nodes finish the transfer before yours does the transfer to your node gets cancelled. Nothing to worry about.

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thought it was strange because I had never had such a high number of crashes. the last month maximum 5%. Should I limit the maximum connections a bit? Has been changed to max 100 in some update.

Please, comment out this setting and restart the storagenode

I just restarted the storage node because I moved to a larger hard drive, but the massive errors when uploading remain.

They will not disappear if you didn’t change the physical location.
Also, please, comment out concurrent setting and restart the storagenode

I exactly copied the storage node to another hard drive and gave the new drive the same drive letter. everything works great, except for the high number of cancellations, which was just as high before the move!

But I didn’t have this problem a month ago

I think it’s not neccessary to sync your windows clock with an external tool anymore. At least I didn’t do that with storj v3 and there haven’t been any issues.

The current preflight check of local time with satellite’s time does require SNO to keep time synced. Its a small utility but saves lot of time literally.

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Thanks, gonna install sync tool on my nodes!

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What would seem to be a good interval between syncs? 1h?

Mine is set to default of 15 mins

My default value after installing was 12h

15m sounds reasonable though, I recall using that setting back in good v1 days :slight_smile:
Thx again.

You mean V2 since V1 was the ICO sale :slight_smile:

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now, the same, since 10 Days iam offline…
The node doesnt run on win10 stable!!!

It’s more likely to be a connection problem, the windows gui install runs stable for many SNOs.

Please check this list again.

And since it’s happening more than once, pay extra attention to your ddns setup and make sure you are actually updating the IP by either running the DUC or updating DDNS from your router.