Node offline v. 1.21.2 how to update? toolbox


I have two nodes using toolbox.

The first node is in version 1.24.4 and is online

The second node is in version 1.21.2 and is offline.

I have checked the log and it shows this error:

2021-03-23T20: 14: 30.450 + 0100 WARN version version not allowed / outdated {“current version”: “1.21.2”, “minimum allowed version”: “v1.22.0”}
2021-03-23T20: 14: 30.556 + 0100 FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “outdated software version (v1.21.2), please update”}

How can I update the second node and bring it online?

Greetings and thanks.

Probably best to post these questions on the toolbox topic so @Vadim would get notified. Though me mentioning that name now does the same trick. :wink:

for second node you need update it manualy in toolbox, also can use my updater, but then you need disable original one that they not compeat.

it will update aal windows gui nodes on pc automaticly every 24-72h

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