Node Online - QUIC misconfigured

Good day,

I operate a node for a long time now. It’s installed in a cloud VPS running Linux. I had a friend of mine install it and configure it since I’m totally illiterate when it comes to Linux. Auto update was also configured and working as expected since the beginning.

My node is at version 1.48.2. Online but QUIC is misconfigured. I’m also receiving emails from satellites that they have suspended my node.

What do I have to do to resolve this?

Hi @Equilibrium,
There will be two issues at play…

Firstly to fix the QUIC misconfiguration you will need allow port forwarding for UDP and well as TCP for the VPS, presumably using docker. This link should help but you will also need to check if your VPS hosting needs additional port forwarding rules.

Secondly there will be a separate issue for the suspension notification. Please check the storagenode log file for the latest entries (How do I check my logs? - Node Operator ) and then post the last 20 lines between three backticks:

    log text

Hi thank you for your answer.

If I request from the VPS service provider to enable TCP/UDP port forwarding, will this be sufficient? Why do I need to run a docker? Also which ports do I need to port forward?

I will check logs yes

If you have been running a node for “a long time” then I think the only option for a Linux node back then was using docker. You could check if there is existing TCP port forwarding and ask the provider to add UDP on the same port.

Understood, I will ask them to do so. Could you please tell me the ports that need to be forwarded ?

The standard port is 28967 but if a different port was used then asking them to match the existing TCP port for UDP would work for any existing setup.

If you are running a node on an VPS, there should be no port forwarding, all traffic is already going to your IP address.

For security reasons your VPS is probably using a firewall who allows/accepts only specific ports and protocols to receive network traffic.

When the node was created long time ago there were only TCP packets used, but now this has changed and UDP is needed to add to the firewall rules. There are several ways to configure a firewall, so you may need to ask your friend which way he took to allow the nodes traffic to pass the firewall.