Node only for Europe


Can I setup a node to work only with the satellites in europe? if yes how?

Also I already started it with all the satellites also from US and others, how can I make the node quit from them except europe?

Thank you

There is a trusted satellite list the node uses to know which satellites to communicate with. You could make your own list that only includes the Europe West 1 satellite: and tell your node to use that list instead in your config file. For help how to do this, see this thread.


You can also just keep removing the blobs directories that store data for the satellites you don’t want. At some point these satellites will stop bothering to send your node any new data.

BTW, out of curiosity, why do you want to do that?

I believe satellites outside Europe try to use my node withoutt success causing lots of download failed error, reset by peer

Unless bandwidth is your bottleneck, what you should probably look at is not success rate, but revenue per byte stored. Even if your success rate is lower for some satellites, if they do a lot of attempts, at some point they will still be profitable.

I’m located in central Europe and I’m still paid per stored byte more by the us1 satellite than eu1… by quite a lot, too.


Please note, this will not prevent your node to receive data not only from Europe.

You may also just specify the satellite URL in the parameter without using a file with satellites.