Node Operator Fireside Discussion

Hope the recording will be hosted on the Storj network :wink:

@john I understand you have very limited time and huge demands but I must admit I was disappointed more questions were not addressed.

If a similar format was to be followed in future I doubt I would tune in live if most of the questions would be answered post event anyway. There would be little point to do so live.

I just hope it is released - and the other questions answered and not forgotten about and put on the back burner.

A purpose can change. And maybe they’d become interested in using all the space they have for something other than only mining. In any case I think it is worth a second thought if a member of the leadership team of a decentralized storage provider switches to another decentralized platform that handles large amounts of disk space.

I would expect the video to be be both on Storj and other channels. To be transparent, we posted the call for questions a week in advance and ended up getting all the questions the day before the fireside chat. We prepped and organized as quickly as we could, but it was a lot of ground to cover.

I will get around to answering the remaining questions, but it will take me probably a week or two to get through it all.

We’re considering a few options for the next one of these, including an AMA style, here or in Reddit, but we’ll post a poll when we have dates and give some options. We want to continue with the Fireside Chats, but we want to make sure the format is what the community will find most valuable.


@penfold we would have liked to have made it through more questions, also, but we will get all the answers posted.

Here’s a plug for the the next one of these - please post your questions earlier! JT and I are at a disadvantage from a time zone perspective. The bulk of the questions were posted in the middle of the night for us and the Fireside chat was first thing in the AM.

We’ll try to give even more notice next time. The AMA style here or in Reddit might also be more effective.

Overall though, we just appreciate the engagement!


I propose a deadline. Collect questions in the thread and close comments something like 3 days before the event. Questions that arrive too late have to be posted in the AMA/live chat then.


I think the fact that the first post redirected us to an email address may have been part of why the questions didn’t come in right away. I know for me that was the reason why I only asked some questions after you mentioned to post them here a day before the event.

I do like the video format. I like seeing the excitement about what you’re working on when answering these questions rather than just the facts in text format. It also allows for a bit more back and forth (though I think I was the only SNO using the chat).



In my experience a blog post that had around 22 Q&A was reduced to ~11 questions when the blog post was migrated/updated. This post had important answers regarding HIPAA/GDPR. There was no explanation whatsoever on why those questions were removed. I hope this won’t happen in a video format.

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We already saw Brighsilence’s response get massaged down to "“Don’t worry about it, we don’t think it’s a problem”. Which is perfectly correct when looked at from the network as a whole but might need a different response when looked at from the SNO perspective.

For myself if the average node life (mean, median and mode numbers would all be interesting for different reasons) really is 9 months I’d have some concerns. Particularly if it was a lot of people starting to drop off after 6 months or so. Hard drives should be lasting longer than 9 months!
A node life of 9 months would mean the average SNO would only ever get on average 1 payment on L1 and even that wouldn’t be certain.

The problem I see in the current format is the limited ability for the SNO to jump in and say 'Hey, that’s not what I am asking here!" That is even worse when the response is post event. But that is if the question gets addressed at all.

Hi, where can I view or read the developers’ answers to the questions?

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@john, @Knowledge Tomorrow is one week since the discussion and there hasn’t been any update since.

I think quoting yourself is perilously close to referring to yourself in the third person, but

With the webinar yesterday and a few other things in flight, I’m glad I added that “or two” on the end. I do appreciate the reminder though.

I will get to the questions, don’t worry.


That just made me chuckle :smiley:

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I wasn’t able to join the privacy and compliance webinar. Is there a video of that one somewhere?

We will publish the video recording of the privacy and compliance webinar and post a link in the forum as soon as it’s available.

Update: webinar link is live now at Storj Webinar - Privacy & Compliance (fill out the form to get access please)

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I would like to watch this webinar, if someone uploads it drop me a link, please.

Here you go :slight_smile:

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Blockquote Here you go :slight_smile:
Search results for 'webinar' - Storj Community Forum (official)

Hey! :smiley:

Stil, there is no video uploaded

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