Node Relocation Issues?

I think I know the answer, but I’m hoping to get some input from the community as well.

I have six nodes going here my home. I am considering moving one or two of these nodes to different locations. Anyone know of any issues that could occur due to this, outside of differences in IP address, etc.?

Hey @dragonhogan,

TLDR: Not any serious ones that I can think of, I think it would be fine and even beneficial from a revenue point of view :wink:

You probably know all that already but, to sum up here is what moving a node implies from the top of my head:
As long as:

  • the node gets moved with its linked data (Stored data & Identity)
  • the node gets reconfigured correctly (at least with regards to IP/host & port number, potentially other parameters if needed)
  • ports redirections are set up correctly at the new location (that is the new ISP box/router)
  • the node doesn’t stay offline for too long during the move (see Availability and bandwidth control for the operator - #2 by Alexey)
  • the new location’s Internet service is fast enough

Then the node should be just fine and should restart at the new location without a problem.
If the new location is far away from the original, it might lose some races on some pieces that used to get good success rates, and vice versa but overall I don’t think it would affect much of its usual bandwidth usage.

Also, if the new location is on a different /24 subnet address, the node should receive more data once separated from your current cluster of nodes. Which is good ^^

The only downside I see is that you’ll have to monitor several locations instead of one, and if anything goes wrong, you’ll now have to go to different locations instead of staying at home for investigating/fixing issues when remote connections are not enough.


Very nice summary! Those were my thoughts, and I appreciate the confirmation.