Node status offline

hello i just finished the installation and the status stays on offline!!
can you explain to me for what?

Hi @woofsid thanks for making your first post – Sorry for any frustrations youve encountered during setup. . Are you still having this same issue? If so, can you post some more details about the specific situation? thx!

Check if your port on the router is open.
Also that your runt command is right with port and folders for identitet and storage.

If you är om Windows check if the firewall is blocking the port/program

Try this and update this thread if your issue is resolved or not.

hello sorry for my english I go through a translator I am french, I solve the problem and the port that was not good on my router, all works. Thank you for your answers

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thank you tonight fell on your link which allowed me to solve my problem :wink:

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my use is very basic I do not even know how to restart the node, it works I do not touch ahah :wink:

is it important to regulate the satellite? I notice that it defaults to ALL

No. All is fine. The more you have, the more you can potentially make.