Node Stoped suddently

Here is my log error need some help

Welcome @bellicinvest ,
Thank you. I’ll forward this to the team for some answers.

@bellicinvest welcome to our community, we are glad to have you here!

For more efficient troubleshooting, please describe what’s the problem that you’re having, things like the list below would help but also that isn’t an exhaustive list, so don’t hesitate to provide whatever other information that you think is relevant for troubleshooting.

  • What’s the issue that it’s having?
  • In what hardware the node is running? Intel X86, ARM, …
  • In what operative systems is running? Windows, Linux (which flavor)
  • Is it running as a docker container?
  • Is it a new node?
  • Has ever run it fine for some time? in that case, how long? have you changed something?
  • Paste here using preformatted, the part or some part of the logs with the errors that you’re seeing.

Thank you!

Hello @bellicinvest,
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I was unable to download your logs.
Please, show 20 last lines from the log: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

If you want to share all logs, please, use something like instead.

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-My node dont run anymore
-Intel i think 64 bits
-windows 10
-it been for a 1 year
-didnt change anything just restart my computer (Both services are running)
-imagen — ImgBB


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You need to update your node. The current version is 1.34.3
The second problem - your node is offline, seems your public IP got updated by your ISP, please, use DDNS hostname in the node’s configuration instead of IP (see How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? - Node Operator).
Please, also check that your WAN IP on your router (usually placed on Stat page of your router) is match the public IP on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router