Node storage cost

What is the current node cost?It’s mean that miners’ operating costs.

Storj is not mining.

It depends on what you plan to do.
If you already have a PC and free hard drive space you only have the electricity bill.

Otherwise you have to pay for a server and hard drive, but Storj advises against investing in new hardware.

I run almost all of my nodes with RaspberryPis. The electricity costs are very low and are easily covered by Storj.


Okay, how much does it cost for a person who wants to become a miner, including hardware and electricity bills?

This is not mining, that’s the point :slight_smile:
The bandwidth and storage are used by real people with real data, thus no predictable income.
You can’t use the past usage to predict a future usage.
However, you can use this Community Earnings Estimator to have an idea:

So the better approach is to use hardware which will be online anyway, with Storj or without. Even if you would not have any usage - you will not lose anything, since it’s already online and all costs are covered.
The any profit will be a nice discount to your bills.

You will be paid $1.5/TB of used space per month, $20/TB of egress traffic to customers, $10/TB of egress audit and repair traffic, the ingress is not paid (you already paid for storage usage).


Thanks for your answer.

Non fact based and opinion only! below

Using US$ for a basic node you’ll need
Internet Connection maybe $40 per month
Raspberry Pi 4 maybe $50
Disk space maybe $20 per TB, 8TB would be good.

For this you could get return of rising from $0 at the start to $30 per month after a year.


My calculation looks similar but it differes in a few points.

  1. I pay for my internet anyway. It would be nice if my storage node could pay for a 5€ speed upgrade. If not I will simply downgrade to my old internet connection and pay that as I would without storj.
  2. I am currently using some old hard drives. They do not cost me anything.
  3. I have a power measurment device connected to my little server. I need to make 5€ in order to keep it running. I am not running any other service that would require me to keep the little server running 24/7.
  4. Hardware for that little server can but doesn’t need to be covered by storj. As long as the above costs are covered I would keep my storage nodes running. If I can’t cover the hardware costs it was still worth it because I learned a lot new stuff about linux.

It is true. If you have a desk like mine you could make a storagenode for the cost of an ethernet cable.

(Thats 12TB + 1TB + 1TB ssd plus two pi 4)

Do you like the new heatsink, Don?


I want to know more about this heatsink. Are you selling them? Where can I buy 20 of them? :laughing:


Plumbcentre! :smiley: They come in a strip of 50!


Hello, can I have more than 1 node on IP address? Thanks

yes Multiple storage nodes

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Thanks fot the info!
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