Node suspended during chkdsk

My hard drive ran into an error and I had to shut down, and run a chkdsk.

This took 2 days to complete (4 TB drive) and by the time my node got back online, I’ve been suspended from 3 of the networks.

Why do I feel like I’m being punished for simply doing necessary maintanance? And next time, is there a way to tempararily shut down my node without invoking the wrath of suspension?

You’re not… you’re being punished for failing to provide pieces prior to doing the maintenance. While your offline your suspension score isn’t impacted. Only your online score is. So these failures must have happened prior to your node going offline.
It sucks, however, you can recover from suspension, so just keep it online and it’ll resolve itself if there is no permanent damage to data.


Last time when i did chksdsk bcs of drive failure, the fix moved a lot of files in the Lost Found directory, and renamed it.
I this forum topic, there is a solution to rename and move that files back to where they come.

All of this described are valid only on linux, i assume