Node Vetting How to tell when it is finished?

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I have seen a lot or references to node vetting and allowing it to finish before adding another node but none specifically referencing a time taken to vet and how to tell if the vetting is finished? How do I figure out when a node is fully vetted please

Currently the only way to know is to use my earnings calculator or by manually querying the db files. I don’t recommend doing it manually as you can break things as a result from locking issues.

(Of course I personally think this tool is useful to have anyway, but I might be biased :wink: )

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Hi thanks for reply I am running a windows gui with the gui toolbox can I run these scripts while the node is running?

yes, as long as it’s not over a network protocol like SMB it’s fine.

How can i find my vetting status on windows 10 GUI?

The same way

Installed python, put in datafolder, tried python both in cmd and in powershell:

Python was not found; run without arguments to install from the Microsoft Store, or disable this shortcut from Settings > Manage App Execution Aliases.

Can someone assist a newb? :slight_smile:

Have you tried that?

Ok, i’m an idiot. Now i’ve tried that.

Next: File “E:\Storjdata\”, line 7

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Seems you didn’t clone the repo and just downloaded the html page of the script.
Please, use a raw link instead to download the script:

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Nice, its alive! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m getting about 4gb ingress per day wich seems ok for me.
And i realise that this will take some time. That is ok.
I don’t quite get this one though:

Status: 34% Vetting progress ( 4 / 100 Audits)

4 out of 100 is 34%?

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