Node went off line after power outage

Hey I was wondering if someone could help me. My node went offline after the power went out and for some reason it will not go back online can someone help me figure out how to get this back up and running again.

If you’re using a desktop, make sure that the option “power on” is enabled in bios

also my last contract says this 17720467h 25m ago

That’s normal if it never has been online since the last start. After a power outage the most likely thing is that an IP address has changed. Please check your public IP and the IP of the machine that the node is running on and adjust the node settings or port forward settings accordingly of needed.

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how do i adjust the node ip again? its been a while since i had to do that.

i checked my router ip and it was 1 digit different so i changed the port forward for that on my router. but how do i adjust that info on my node in windows.

You need to change it in the config.yaml file